Lead Developer


Html, CSS, Javascript, Php,Bootstrap, WordPress CMS

Centers Health Care provides senior care services through a network of Centers Health Care companies in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. As part of ongoing work with Centers, I was responsible for updating and refreshing their website as needed, including adding three new sections: a skilled nursing page, a telemedicine page, and a blog. The skilled nursing and telemedicine pages were designed in photoshop and were built using HTML/CSS and PHP. To create a mobile responsive blog section that both Centers and agency writers can contribute to, I used HTML/CSS, PHP, and Ajax. I also created a search bar, search page, a custom post page that shows other recent posts, and a categories filter dropdown to allow users to navigate the growing number of posts. Lastly, I moved the website from Godaddy to a Digital Ocean server to vastly improve server response time and enhance the user experience.

Skilled Nursing
Skilled Nursing
Skilled Nursing